Services we can provide

Design: new build, extensions, alterations, maximizing use of existing space, reworking existing to achieve efficient use of space

3D Visualisation: by using 2D plans and elevations we can turn any idea you may have into a high quality virtual 3D model of what your home/extension/internal alterations will look like when complete. This can be then used for presentations and applications.

Consultancy: providing conservation expertise to existing design teams.

Inspections: of existing, historic buildings, structures and spaces advising on what exists, what is wrong with it, what needs to be done to address it and how urgent.

Surveys: conditions surveys of historic buildings, structures and spaces.

Reports: historic building assessments, heritage impact assessments and recording.

Research: desk-based assessment of documentary records at archives, record offices, libraries, museums and other recognized, and sometimes, unrecognized sources.

And for whom

  • Private owners
  • English Heritage
  • Local authorities
  • National Trust
  • Parochial Church Councils
  • Owners of places of worship